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S. Eusebio Lake (photo by PR Grugnotorto)
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Villoresi Channel (photo by PR Grugnotorto)
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Activity at Oasi dei Gelsi (photo by PR Grugnotorto)

The Park that Joins

The Park covers a surface area of 830 ha in seven Municipalities in the north of Milan: Bovisio Masciago, Cusano Milanino, Cinisello Balsamo, Desio, Lissone, Monza, Muggiò, Nova Milanese, Paderno Dugnano, and Varedo. It protects an area that resisted building and that is mainly dedicated to agriculture, with its small woodlands, tree lines, and countryside trails. The Municipalities and the Consortium managing the Park started years ago important measures for its use and knowledge. They have purchased some areas, planted trees in some other areas, created several cycle facilities in the Park or along its borders, have promoted environmental education and awareness-raising activities involving the citizens, often in collaboration with the local schools and the environment and cultural associations operating in the Park territory. Unfortunately, the Park has some wounds that will be treated. We will find a way to repair the clear cuts caused by the roads crossing the Park, to improve its landscape trying to make less evident the presence of the warehouses, the plants, and the structures that, especially along its borders, ruin it. Grugnotorto is not only an important green lung for the citizens of the seven Municipalities housing it, but it also represents a connection between three regional parks: Nord Milano Park, Groane Park, and Valle del Lambro Park. Its strategic position, also thanks to Canale Villoresi crossing it, enhances its value in the context of the green area system in the north of Milan and Brianza.

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Surface Area: 1'850.00 ha
Provinces: MB, MI
Establishment: 1999
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